Please consult a physician before beginning any new workout routine and always make sure you do a proper warmup!

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Workout #1


2 x Through

200 Jump Ropes

50 Front Hold Squats

1000 m Row Machine

50 Wall Balls


Workout #2

Warm Up

Pick a Playing Card!

Pick one card at a time….Add 10x to whatever the number is for the total number of reps.

Face Cards are 25x

    Hearts – Situps

    Spades – Pushups

    Diamonds – Shoulder Press

    Clubs – Air Squats

Do 100x Jumping Jax between each card


Workout #2

Warm Up

100x – Jump Rope

90x –  ButtKix

80x – Jumping Jax

70x – Shoulder Shrugs

60x – Tricep Dips

50x – Kettlebell or Dumbell Swing Squats

40x – Situps

30x – Tricep Extensions

20x – Bent Wide Row

10x – Pullups