Get Rid of Your Buts….

Get rid of your buts…..

No that was not a misspelling above…I want to chat with you about getting rid of your buts. You know …. “I would do that BUT…”, or “I would eat better BUT…”

As human beings, we are gifted with the ability to reason. It is one of the main attributes that differentiate us from other animal species. God gave us this ability as a gift, and if used in the right fashion, it can propel us to whole new levels. Just look at how our society has flourished through sound reasoning.

However, reasoning can also be used to keep us locked in our own self-determined “box”. We have the ability to reason ourselves out of doing things that will push us to make a change. We can use reason to eliminate any chances to be in a situation that makes us uncomfortable. And as you all know, we never really grow as human beings while we are in our happy place. It is through resistance that we encounter our biggest changes. Just like when lifting weights – imagine that!!!

So what if we didn’t think about what we are doing and just DID? There are many things that we do in life that we do because we have to. Nobody has to make us do these mundane chores; we just do them because they have to be done. What if we were to approach our nutrition and exercise with this same attitude? How much healthier would we be this time next year if we adopted this attitude and started taking the “buts” out of our thoughts. How much different would our lives be if we stopped reasoning and started doing?

I want to start a revolution – a revolution that pushes people to stop standing on the sidelines of their lives. To stop reasoning themselves out of all growth possibilities because they are too afraid to make changes. I want to see what would happen if EVERYONE stepped outside of their comfort zone and stopped making excuses or using the word “but”, and started DOING all the things they should do. What would that look like? It would look like a world filled with people who will be healthy and happy because they stopped using their reasoning to hold them back from the life that they were meant to live!



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