Stop Starving Yourself….Fuel Yourself Instead

At what point did women (and men) get the idea that starving themselves would get them their “dream body”? I blame Twiggy, supermodel for the 1960’s, who was well “twiggy” – or maybe another word would be anorexic. For some reason that look for supermodels became the Rave! And unfortunately that look began being marketed for all of our daughters out there.

This has set up a very unhealthy relationship with food. People in this society don’t eat!!! It is that simple. This mindset that was created so long ago is killing our country. It is such a bad cycle – a person gains weight; wants to lose weight; stops eating to lose weight; ends up gaining more weight – and so the cycle goes. This cycle has taught all of us that food is the enemy, when in fact that the exact opposite of what food is.

So in a nutshell – starvation is NOT the answer! Starving your body of the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients only leads to a body that is broken down and unable to fight off sickness. A body that is lacking in all of these things cannot repair itself, it cannot heal, and it cannot begin to work at optimal levels. This is the exact opposite of what healthy is about!!

It is imperative that we start eating the RIGHT foods and eating more of them. When our bodies go into starvation mode it starts a landslide of negative effects such as slow metabolism, water and fat retention, low energy and in the end – weight gain. I love the quote that has been going through the internet now, “Healthy is the New Skinny”. It is so important that as a society we start to change our thinking. We have to understand that if we concentrate on taking in the right foods in the right portions that our weight will take care of itself. If every person in America stopped concentrating on their weight and started looking at WHAT they are eating, WHEN they are eating and HOW MUCH they are eating our obesity epidemic would start to go down.

So it is definitely time to change our thought processes about weight loss and realize that starvation is not the answer. Each and every one of you has the ability to change your thoughts, attitudes and lifestyles. And…it only takes one to start changing the world!!!

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